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Canada Goose Jacket 62 Lincoln Odivb

Canada Goose Jacket 62 Lincoln Odivb

How to throw a dairy-free vegan cheese party (with cheese you’ll actually like)

Ive had dalliances with veganism in my late teens, but it never lasted. buy canada goose parka uk canada goose coat 0f Giving up meat is not a big deal to me C tofu, beans and peanut butter are three of my favorite protein-rich foods. But I can never seem to part with cheese.

Whether a super-rich triple crme spread on a slice of warm baguette or a wedge of English cheddar eaten with crisp green apple slices, I will take cheese in just about any buy canada goose jacket london form. Until recently, I hadnt considered that it could also be dairy-free.

I had been hearing about California-made nut cheese from producer Miyokos Kitchen for the past year, but had been a little shy about trying it. Id tasted vegan cheeses in the past (mostly rice and soy based), and to call them cheese was, in my opinion, a huge insult to the real cheeses of the world.

But the word on the street was that Miyokos was different. Crafted using the same old-world, ageing and fermenting processes as dairy-based artisanal cheeses, they were said to be legitimately creamy, rich and complex.