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Canada Goose Jacket Image Outline Of An Alligator Loivl

Canada Goose Jacket Image Outline Of An Alligator Loivl

Bayern Munich 2 – 1 Manchester United (agg: 3 – 1)


Bayern Munich: Kahn, Kuffour, Andersson, Linke, Sagnol coat, Tarnat, Jeremies, Effenberg, Scholl, Jancker, Elber. Subs: Dreher, Weisinger, Sergio, Zickler, Hargreaves, Santa Cruz, Kling.

Man Utd: Barthez, Gary Neville, Brown, Stam, Silvestre, Scholes, Keane, Butt, Giggs, Yorke, Cole. Subs: Van Der Gouw, Johnsen, Sheringham, Phil Neville, Solskjaer, Wallwork, Chadwick.

Referee: V M Pereira (Portugal)

1 This is United’s biggest test of the season and should they fail to come good then the customary achievement that was this year’s Premiership title will truly ring hollow and haunt the club for months. United kick-off with the not so customary pass back to the penalty area as Bayern press from the off. 5 GOAL: Bayern Munich 1 – 0 Manchester United Tame start sees both teams knocking the ball about to try and suss each other out. And then, from nothing, Tarnat gets away on the left and crosses for Elber to fire Bayern into the lead with a header at the far post. Disastrous start for United 8 Jancker cracks it against the crossbar from ten yards. Bayern win a corner, Effenberg takes but United clear. United defence all over the place at the moment. Jancker’s miss could end up being a good omen (yeah, right) after he did the same in the later stages of the 1999 final, and guess what happened then? 11 United still not looking like they have any hope of pulling this back. 12 Effenberg gets into gear when he sprays the ball across the pitch to Jancker up on the right, but Silvestre gets in front of him to clear the threat. 13 Kuffour almost blows it when he sells Kahn short with a back-pass and gives Yorke a sniff of a chance. 16 United win a corner – Giggs takes and Jeremies boots into touch. Gary Neville hurls the throw towards Stam on the edge of the six-yard box, Scholes has a go, but Bayern clear. 17 Bayern break and Barthez is almost caught out by Jancker on the edge of the area when Silvestre fluffs things in front of him – Bayern have had chances to wrap this up already and may, just possibly, live to regret that they didn’t 20 United free-kick – Giggs takes and Kahn goes down under pressure from Brown at the far post. Goal-kick. 22 Scholl charges away on the left to light the fuse on another Bayern attack – this time it doesn’t end in a chance on goal. 23 United break and Butt wins a corner canada goose coat 0f off Andersson – Giggs again takes and Jeremies again gets his foot to it first. 25 United win another corner after Keane slides into Effenberg on the by-line. The two players check each other as their egos comes critically close to colliding. Giggs takes and Cole prods a shot from six yards… cleared off the line. Undoubtedly United’s best chance yet. 29 United enjoying good possession in the Bayern half. They may need two goals but they are having the best of the play at canada goose coat 1000 bulbs garland the moment. 32 Scholes burgles Linke after pushing him back towards the by-line but there is no one in the area average price for a canada goose jacket to meet the cross. 33 Yet another corner to United – comes out to Scholes, goes out to the United left and comes back for Scholes to blast a volley well wide of the post. 35 Substitution Zickler canada goose coat 1000 calorie bariatric diet on for Jancker. 40 GOAL: Bayern Munich 2 – 0 Manchester United Jeremies races away on the right, looks up and finds Elber in the area; he knocks it on to Zickler, who knocks it on for Scholl to beat Barthez at the far post. 45 Bayern now have 10 men behind the ball as United make a last push this half. best canada goose jacket for skiing Giggs wins a corner after Kahn deflects Cole’s shot on to the roof of the net. Bayern break in response with Barthez way out of his goal – nothing doing. Half-time. What to say about this, then? Expect changes by Sir Alex Ferguson

46 Barthez called out to the edge of his area from the off as Elber races clear. No changes so far by United. 47 Silvestre does well to turn Zickler near on the edge of the Bayern area; the ball goes out to the United right for Neville to head down and miss all three United players on the edge of the six-yard box. 49 GOAL: Bayern Munich 2 – 1 Manchester United United break; Scholes lifts the ball over the top to Giggs who in turn lobs Kahn from 15 yards to get one back for United. 51 United corner; Kahn flaps it clear. 53 United have come out fighting this half as Butt battles free of Jeremies to the right of the Bayern area’ – too many buy canada goose jacket usa Bayern bodies waiting for the cross. 56 Bayern free-kick after Stam checks Zickler just outside the United area; Andersson blasts it but the United wall does its job. 58 Yorke does well on the canada goose coat – victoria left but his cross into the box is easy for Andersson. 59 Almost a second for United when Giggs volleys it from 20 yards and Kahn is forced to palm away for a corner. Bayern break from the corner kick as United are caught short at the back. Giggs has come alive this half as United up the pace. 63 Yorke and Andersson go down on the after a clash of heads – Andersson streaming berlin film festival ends canada goose jacket sponsorship amid with blood. 64 Substitution Santa Cruz on for Elber. 66 Substitution Sheringham on for Yorke. 68 United free-kick 35 yards out; Giggs takes but it is going nowhere. Bayern break from the clearance and Giggs tracks Santa Cruz all the way back to run him out near the by-line. 71 After good early United pressure Bayern have done well to stem the flow and knock the visitors out of their rhythm. 73 United corner after a free-for-all in the Bayern area; Giggs takes, Jeremies away as far as Neville, back in and appeals for a penalty as Kuffour appears to fall into the back of Cole three yards out after Sheringham knocks it down. 76 Bayern free-kick out near the corner flag; Effenberg takes and Brown glances it away. 78 Substitution Solskjaer on for Butt. 79 Effenberg finds Zickler in acres of space 30 yards out but his shot flies over. Followed up by a break and a blinding cross from Sheringham that Cole can’t convert. 81 Great snap shot from Scholes 20 yards out – knocked over by Kahn for a corner. Giggs takes but Sheringham can’t get to it. Sheringham gets another chance but puts it wide. 83 Effenberg sprays the ball out to the left for Scholl to get past Brown and fire a shot across the face of Barthez’s goal. 84 Substitution Chadwick on. 85 Zickler away in the United half, Silvestre chases him back and Zickler goes down just inside the area – no penalty. Barthez dribbles to best canada goose jacket the halfway line to clear. 87 United all up now. Chadwick beats three players on the right of the Bayern area, but opts for a pass to Kerane when he maybe should have had a crack at the canada goose coat 1000 bulbs lamps near post. 89 Substitution Sergio on for Scholl. 90 Barthez comes out and ends up passing straight to Kahn. Giggs finds Sheringham at the far post but Sheringham blasts it into the ground. Four minutes left to play. More of the same as United continue to pummel the box. Plenty of half-chances and then a late corner. Giggs takes, easily cleared. Full-time. All over for United.Bayern Munich 2 – 1 Manchester United Bayern go on to face Real Madrid in the second semi-final.