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Canada Goose Jacket Kil-1d5934 Bqbdw

Canada Goose Jacket Kil-1d5934 Bqbdw

England have ‘problem in the head’ – Stranzl

Austria’s defender Martin Stranzl has accused Sven-Goran Eriksson’s England of playing as individuals and lacking team unity as the two nations prepare for their World Cup qualifier at Old Trafford tomorrow afternoon.

“I think their biggest problem is that they are good individually but they really don’t approach every game like a team,” said Stranzl, who has started seven of Austria’s qualification games and scored twice. “They think all the time that they are good enough, and that the England team is so good that they don’t make mistakes. But they do make mistakes and when they do they don’t help each other out. They have a problem in the head and if they sorted that out then they would play much better football.

“You saw it in the [2004] European Championships against France. They played very good but in the end France got back in buy canada goose coat uk the game because not every England player helped each other out – that’s the big red mark on their game.”

Stranzl is also highly critical of England’s midfield formation, which he argues is too attack-minded and unbalances the side. “I can i wash my canada goose jacket think they play better when they have a diamond formation in the midfield.

“When Lampard, Beckham and Gerrard played against us they played in a line canada goose coat 1000 calorie so much that they stood on each other’s feet. They didn’t have good organisation and everybody wanted to run with the ball. That’s their problem: every time they play against teams which are well organised they have no ideas to make goals.”

Austria lost to Poland in both their qualifiers and Stranzl claims that Pawel Janas’s side are more disciplined than England.

“England give you a lot less problems when you play football against them because their midfield players play only in attack and not so much in the defence. Poland play attack and defence so we had a lot of problems with them,” said Stranzl.

“I think England will also get a lot of problems at home against Poland. England have better individual players than Poland but in football it’s been shown that only the whole team buying a canada goose jacket online can win games.”

Stranzl, a 25-year-old VfB Stuttgart central defender who will be watched at Old canada goose canada goose coat 1000 bulbs reviews coat 1000 bulbs garland Trafford tomorrow by West Bromwich and Birmingham City, played in the 2-2 draw between the sides 13 month ago. He disputes any suggestion that Austria are going to Manchester to make up the numbers canada goose canada outlet, despite the fact that they cannot qualify for the World Cup next year and currently do not have best canada goose jacket for women a coach – Hans Krankl departed a fortnight ago.

For inspiration they have turned to something that Eriksson himself has shunned, repeat showings of are there any canada goose outlet stores England’s recent defeats, 4-1 buy canada goose jacket toronto in a friendly in Copenhagen and 1-0 in Belfast.

“For our game buy canada goose jacket cheap against England, we would like to play the same way as Denmark did. They didn’t want to play for a 0-0 draw, they wanted to play against England for the win. We will also only have a chance if we try and play football. I think England have a lot of pressure because they know they have to win against us and the last game against Poland, so this might be our chance.”