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Canada Goose Parka 6xl Hoodies Jackets Pyvrn

Canada Goose Parka 6xl Hoodies Jackets Pyvrn

What’s in a Brazilian name?

“How do the Brazilian footballers get their artistic-sounding names?” wonders Lars Helge Strand. “And why the Scandinavian/Germanic angle?”

The artistic tendencies often find their roots from a region, a nickname or something as simple as a player’s size. So, for instance, Lyon’s Juninho Pernambucano, (or Ant?nio Augusto Ribeiro Reis Junior, to give him his full name) is so called simply as a nickname. ‘Juninho’ as he is ‘Little Junior’ (his father is Ant?nio Augusto Ribeiro Reis buying a canada goose jacket online Sr.) and ‘Pernambucano’ to identify him from former team-mate Juninho, latterly of Middlesbrough and Celtic. World player of the year Ronaldinho Gacho is so called as his home is the Rio Grande do Sul. Then there is Z Roberto (Bayern Munich), of which the Z is short for Jos, or Cafu (Milan), whose name derives from his striking similarity to Cafutinga, who played in Brazil during the 1970s. And size matters; having ‘?o’ at the end of a name signifies a big player (Luiz?o – Big Lou); having ‘inho’ at the end of a name signifies a little one (Robinho – Little Robson).

Regarding the Scandinavian/Germanic angle, both David Shepherd and Ben Heywood point out that a large number of German immigrants headed to the southern states of Brazil in the 19th and early 20th centuries. But there was canada goose coat 1000 calorie a day meal plan also a large influx of Anglo-Saxons (remember that Brazilian-born Charles Miller, who was educated in England, is believed to have brought the game to Brazil in the first place), along with Americans fleeing from the civil war. As a result, the name ‘Ewerthon’ is common, derived from the Merseysiders who immigrated to Brazil, while ‘Washington’ comes from their American counterparts.

For more information on the subject, Alex Bellos’s book, ‘Futebol: The Brazilian Way of Life’, buy canada goose jacket online cheap published in 2003, is well worth checking out, while there is also a sister website here.


“After seeing Man Utd get beaten at Old Trafford by Chelsea, it made me wonder (as a Boro fan, who have done well there over the years) who has the best away record there since the Premiership started?” asks Martin Swainson.

It’s Chelsea, Martin. They’ve earned 18 points over 13 Premiership seasons, with Liverpool (13 points) and Middlesbrough (11 points) a fair way behind. Even further back are Arsenal (10 points), Bolton (seven points) and Derby (six).


Dozens of you have been flooding the electronic mailbag with queries about whether Everton’s Champions League-qualifying achievement this season is the best with a negative goal difference. We did cover this to an extent in 2002, so here’s the link to satisfy your inquisitive hunger. And, as a postscript to the rest of you wanting to know the worst goal difference of any champions of an English division, Notts County possess said record with their 12 achieved in winning Division Two back in 1922/23.


“Has there ever been the score announcer’s all-time dream result: East Fife 5, Forfar 4?” asked Hugh McGinley circa 2000.

Well, Hugh, nearly but not quite. The Fifers visited Station Park during the 1963/64 campaign in the old Scottish second division and scored four. Sadly here, their hosts still won, the final score being… Forfar 5, East Fife 4.

For more classic knowledge, click here.


“The first division play-off finals nearly always seem to be incredibly close affairs, needing extra-time or penalties to settle proceedings.” asks Paul Hayes. “When was the last time someone won by more than one goal?”

In their varying forms, the play-offs have been around for 18 years now and only five of the first division finals have canada goose coat 1000 calorie a day diet been decided by more than one goal. It’s only two seasons since there was a clear-cut play-off final, when Wolves beat Sheffield United 3-0. That was the fourth time in five years that the final had a winner by two goals or more; up until 1999, only one of the first 12 play-off finals had seen such a victory margin.


Last week we delved into the world of classical music composers who had been inspired by the beautiful game. Unsurprisingly after the weekend’s action, we’ve yet to find any such geniuses to have used Norwich’s away form as an inspirational muse.

Wolves, on the other hand, can boast canada goose coat 1000 bulbs led buy canada goose jacket cheap a renowned composer as a fan to boot, as Andy Wright explains. “Edward Elgar was a Wolves fan and from 1895 regularly visited Wolverhampton best ideas about canada goose outlet online on pinterest to see the team. His favourite player was Bill Malpass and, after reading a newspaper account of 1898 in which Malpass ‘banged the leather for goal’, he set the line to music, thus creating what is the first certified football chant. This was heard for the first time in many years when Wolves unveiled a plaque at Molineux in 1998 to honour their illustrious supporter.”

Then there’s Scottish composer James McMillan, himself an avid Celtic fan, who actually wrote a piano concerto about the Bhoys’ 1989 Cup Winners’ Cup first-round defeat to Partizan Belgrade. He said: “I was so fascinated by the misplaced energy being shown – great drives forward countered by suicidal defending. I can safely say that, in the history of music, I am the only composer to write a piece inspired by the away goals rule!”

Victor Lazzarini also informs us of canada goose coat 1000 calorie bariatric diet Brazilian avant-garde composer Gilberto Mendes, who wrote a piece in the 1960s entitled Santos Football Music, dedicated to Pele and co. “Some time towards the end of the piece, the conductor and the orchestra leader even play a couple of one-twos with a ball,” he notes.

And finally, thanks to Roderick Lambert, who tells us of Bohuslav Martinu, who put together an interesting work called ‘Half-time’ back in 1924. There, don’t say we don’t do culture here best canada goose jacket for men on the Knowledge.

Can you help?

“I seem to remember a fox invading an Old Firm game when Gazza was at Rangers. Have there been any other similar animal-related incidents?” asks Rupert Beckett.

Ian Parker wonders: “After the superb David-James-as-striker display, has it ever happened before that a goalkeeper should buy canada goose jacket uk be handed an outfielder’s shirt and sent up front, with another keeper coming off the bench to go in goal?

“I was wondering if West Bromwich Albion’s survival was the first time a top-flight club lying bottom on the final day of the season survived?” asks Alex Glaser.