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Canada Goose Sale Quicken 2017 Ofyqm

Canada Goose Sale Quicken 2017 Ofyqm

Scouting report: Roger Johnson, Cardiff City

Whatever Roger Johnson goes on to achieve in the game, he already has canada goose coat 1000 bulbs coupons one peculiar claim to fame. Anybody who knows John Gorman, who managed Wycombe Wanderers among other clubs, will know that, in the words of the advert, he is “a very nice man”. Johnson, though, managed to fall out with him, to the point where Gorman almost lost his temper. This best canada goose outlet, to my knowledge, is a feat that no one has managed before or since.

I played with Johnson a couple of years ago at Wycombe and remember him fondly. He was full of back chat and never knew when to shut up. It was one of his specialities and, famously, even got to Gorman. There was no lasting problem, though. He was Gorman’s captain.

Johnson was a good player at that level and, although he infuriated at times, he was somebody who cared about winning. I liked him and by the way he played in central defence against Southampton on Sunday, I would imagine that Dave Jones, his manager at Cardiff, does too.

If heading the ball is bad for your brain cells, then Johnson had better beware. canada goose coat 1000 calorie diets I am struggling buy canada goose jacket australia to remember a time when he lost a winnable header in either penalty area. Cardiff constantly looked to pick him out at free-kicks and from Tony Capaldi’s arrow-like throw-ins and, such was Southampton’s reluctance to mark properly, he was a persistent threat.

The only drawback to this tactic was that, as Cardiff waited for Johnson to get into position, their flow was disrupted and their other players were always marked. His ability in the air was apparent when heading clearances under pressure and I also liked the way that he thought about where he was putting the ball, instead of simply looking to head it as far away as possible.

Johnson’s assurance in possession is not an aspect of his game that immediately stands out. He tends to play the percentages, taking very few chances, but he did show great composure under pressure. He once caught the eye by beating two men in close proximity before knocking a lovely diagonal ball to his winger. Nor did he sit back if he had anticipated a ball played best canada goose coat 1000 bulbs led canada goose jacket reddit up to the player he was marking before his opponent and he tried to spring upfield to support the attack.

There were one or two things that showed can you wash a canada goose parka he was still learning the art of buy canada goose jacket australia defending and at times he was too far apart from his central defensive partner, Glenn Loovens. I hesitate to blame him for this, though, as buy canada goose jacket online cheap Loovens had a very poor game positionally. He was all over the place and Johnson had to cover for him by making two great recovery tackles.

Johnson must be careful that he does not get dragged out of central areas too much and make sure that, if he steps up, as he did twice in isolation, his defensive line follows his lead. He did argue once with the referee and then got caught out when Southampton played a quick free-kick but he redeemed himself with a vital block.

He is not slow canada goose coat 1000 bulbs and I liked the way he used his body strength to step in front of the centre-forward he was marking, held his position and drew the foul before his opponent beat him to can you wash canada goose jacket it.

Johnson became Wycombe’s youngest ever player when he made his debut shortly after his 17th birthday and his 275,000 transfer to Cardiff City in the summer of 2006 came at the right time in his career.

Perhaps things came a little bit too early and easily for him at Adams Park but now, at a bigger club and with greater experience, he has recognised when to speak and when not to. His performances are eloquent enough.

Age 24

Born Ashford

Position Defender

Height 6ft 3in

Weight 11st

From Wycombe Awareness 8/10

Heading 9/10

Attitude 8/10

Tackling 8/10

Passing 8/10

Team responsibility 8/10

Valuation 750,000