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Prada Bag Repair Uk Dcfty

Prada Bag Repair Uk Dcfty

‘Vulnerable’ Jade and Gazza exploited, says BBC boss

A senior BBC programming executive has hit out at Big Brother producer Endemol and ITV for their treatment of Jade Goody Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Outlet Online and Paul Gascoigne.

Wayne Garvie, the head of the BBC entertainment production, questioned whether the producer of Big Brother and ITV Sport’s World Cup coverage had been guilty of a dereliction of duty by allowing Goody and Gascoigne on screen and exploiting their “vulnerabilities”.

“[Jade’s drunken strip on Big Brother] was nothing less Baby Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shop Online Prada Shoes Uk than the gross exploitation of a vulnerable woman by a group of drunken men. For the first time the house seemed out of control,” Mr Garvie said in today’s edition of Broadcast.

“Similarly, the car crash that was Gazza’s World Cup punditry saw an equally troubled man hung out Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shop Online to dry in the studio, his disarray compounded when the tabloids reported the excesses of his minibar,” he added.

“Do both cases represent a dereliction of duty by producers on behalf of unstable people or are Jade and Gazza willing participants in their own theatre of cruelty?”

Mr Garvie said many years ago when he was a producer on This Morning Amancio Prada Prada he persuaded Jeffrey Archer’s sex change gardener to appear on the ITV daytime show.

“Given the choice again, I Agatha Authentic Prada Leather Handbags Ruiz Dela Prada Shoes Uk wouldn’t book her replica prada satchel,” he said. “Afterwards Authentic Prada Bags Uk I realised it was not in her interests to appear. A woman going through difficult and momentous personal changes was paraded for some small titillation for the audience.”

Mr Garvie is currently overseeing production of a new BBC1 show The Chair, Black Prada Doctor Bag in which contestants have to control their heart rates in order to answer questions posed by Authentic Prada Fairy Bag Sale John McEnroe.

He said it was important that producers pushing through new formats should think of the consequences of people appearing on the show.

He stopped one contestant going forward after it emerged that she had an irregular heartbeat.

“It wasn’t worth the risk,” Mr Garvie said. “As we push breakthrough ideas, retaining a sense of respect for people becomes even more important.”