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Prada Face Products Guomq

Prada Face Products Guomq

Lothar finds New York is no Hollywood

High in the Trump Tower at 721 Fifth Avenue lives an angry German. Lothar Matth?us complains that apartments in New York are tiny replica prada saffiano, the kitchens even smaller, and the streets clogged with yellow taxis. One of the few things he has in common with other New Yorkers is that he speaks almost no English.

Only six weeks since moving here to play for the New York/New Authentic Prada Nylon Messenger Bag Jersey MetroStars, he seems to think he made a mistake. Matth?us is, as they say in America, in a bad place, living a bizarre inversion of the American Dream: arrive a millionaire, work very little and end up with nothing. It all adds up to terrible news for Germany.

Just before he left Bayern Munich, I asked Matth?us how he would cope in a team of not very good players. Last season the MetroStars ran up the worst record in Major League soccer history, winning seven, losing 25 and earning the moniker of ‘the worst team in the world’. Matth?us replied that although they might not be the most gifted footballers, as long as they worked hard, that was OK.

Last week I went to watch them play the Kansas City Wizards. The first Are Prada Nylon Bags Worth The Money eight cab drivers I asked to take me refused, explaining, in a sort of English, that they had never heard of Giants Stadium. Finally I found an Indian who had also never heard of it but was willing to look. I arrived to find Matth?us charging around the pitch acting, as they say in New York, like a crazy. Every time a team-mate touched the ball, he waved his arms and screamed.

When the MetroStars scored, his team-mates understandably cheered, and on the big screen a pair of Thirties comedians danced around a table, but Matth?us simply grew angrier.

Things got worse when the Wizards, featuring the virtually moribund 37-year-old Scotsman Mo Johnston, scored twice. Matth?us, as they say here, freaked. At one point he threw his captain’s armband at the linesman, a tough-looking individual named Chip Reed, who simply threw the thing back.

A few minutes later Matth?us ran over to the touchline to eyeball Reed, but Reed just eyeballed him back. Matth?us spent most of the rest of the match wandering around the pitch muttering to Authentic Prada Leather Handbag himself like a bum in the subway.

When the game ended with the score still 1-2, he kicked the ball away, chucked his shirt at the 20 or so youths behind one goal who constitute the MetroStars’ self-conscious hard core, and stalked off.

After the game, he explained that his tantrum had been a ploy to motivate his team-mates. Their coach, Octavio Zambrano, showed the German superstar who was boss: ‘If he genuinely believed that he was trying to wake up the guys, then what can I say? I can’t punish him for that.’ The Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Online Shop team’s keeper, Mike Ammann, veteran of English soccer, said he saw Matth?us’s point: if certain guys in the team were too dumb to listen, what could you do?

However, if things continue like this Matth?us will soon be as dumb as his team-mates. That could be embarrassing. In June he is due to play libero for Germany in the European Championship, arguably the toughest football tournament in the world. The MetroStars are ruining his game.

Matth?us is 39 now, and for years, playing for Bayern Munich and Germany, he has barely touched the ball or tackled anyone. His role is chiefly administrative. But it remains crucial. He makes German football tick.

Better than any other team, Germany can alternate the pace of the game. If they go a goal down they double the pace, forcing the other team Authentic Prada Fairy Bag For Sale into errors, and Are Prada Mens Shoes Worth It committing fouls to ruin their opponents’ concentration.

Conversely, if they go a goal up, they take all pace out of the game: whenever they win a free-kick they wait 30 seconds before taking it, and if their riled opponents then commit fouls, the Germans dive to win more free-kicks, Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shop Online or, ideally, get someone sent off.

Matth?us initiates these changes of pace, grabbing the ball when the opposition wants to take a corner or a free-kick, determining the tempo like an orchestra conductor.

But playing no-good football with big-time losers dulls your sense of the game. Authentic Prada Leather Handbag Watching Matth?us at the MetroStars, I was reminded of seeing Ruud Gullit play for the fifth team of an Amsterdam amateur club in January.

Gullit, only 37 years old, looked as if he had forgotten how to play football. At half-time, his side were 5-0 down. Matth?us seems to be descending almost as fast. New York is no place for this hick from the German sticks who likes being a hick. As he gazes down at Central Park from his four-room apartment, he might think of a song for guitar that another immigrant to this city wrote 25 years ago:

Open the gate,

I want to return,

Here I don’t have

What I had there.

Open Authentic Prada Handbag Uk the gate,

I want to return,

New York is making me cry.

The words, originally Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Dresses Uk written in Portuguese during his spell at the Cosmos, are by Pele.