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Prada Factory Outlet Florence Website Awzal

Prada Factory Outlet Florence Website Awzal

Arsne Wenger insists he is ready to spend after Arsenal draw at Leicester

Leicester City 0-0 Arsenal: Premier League C as it Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Dresses Uk happened Read more

This was just enough. Just enough to avoid a two-game unwanted crisis. Just enough to save face. Just enough to suggest that, even if they are still rusty and looking a distance off the early-season intent shown by the big hitters from Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea (not forgetting Hull), they can still breathe.

With the consequences of defeat crystal clear, it Authentic Prada Handbags Wholesale was vital for both Leicester City and Arsenal to avoid the stress that would have provoked. As it was, even with a draw away from home to the defending champions, the visiting contingent provided a discordant accompaniment to a frenetic finale. Spend some money, yelled the fans in the away corner, with an expletive thrown in. It was almost rubbing it in to see Jamie Vardy, whom Wenger tried to buy, leave the field wearing a swapped Arsenal shirt.

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After the match, the Frenchman made a passionate defence of the accusation he is reluctant to spend and promised he would spend astonishing amounts on the right player.

Why do you say I am reluctant? I dont understand that, said Wenger. If we find players who can strengthen our team we are not reluctant. I would spend 300m if I find the right player and I have 300m.

He could not hide his disappointment to be thrown questions about finance and transfers in the immediate aftermath of an intense match with quite a lot on the line, even at this early stage of the campaign.

Unfortunately, nobody speaks about the performance of Rob Holding, Wenger went on. You should be happy C he is English, he is 20. Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Book Bags But I am sorry he didnt cost 55m so he cannot be good. He had an outstanding performance for a young boy who has never Authentic Prada Canvas Bag played in the Premier League up against a great player. We dont talk about the players any more. We speak about anything else than football.