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Prada Nylon Tote Authentic Aztdd

Prada Nylon Tote Authentic Aztdd

Boring? Maybe. We’ve tried exciting

You can tell things are getting better. In the 70s and 80s, it was deafening: the sound of opposition fans whining about this referee and that penalty and how boring or dirty or lucky we Alex Pradas Quiles were. Manchester United fans were particularly adept at this. Ironic, since they now have to fend off virtually the same accusations.

The FA Cup final was the latest in a serious of “injustices”, with everyone joining in the cry of “unlucky Arsenal” (number 3753 in a list of things you thought you’d never hear). As a 42-year-old Red who went through all the glory days, it is a thrilling sound that proves once again that Liverpool FC are back.

The psychology is Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Uk Sale simple: a good side takes full Authentic Prada Outlet Uk advantage of any Black Prada Bag With Gold luck it gets click, while still managing to overcome the bad luck. Neutrals therefore decide that, in actual fact, you aren’t the recipient of any bad luck Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shoes Sale at all! Birmingham should have had a player sent off within ten minutes in February, but nobody remembers and nobody cares because we won.

Everton played for half-an-hour with an extra man and were given a ludicrous penalty to make it 2-2, but nobody remembers and nobody cares because we won.

Paul Williams commits the most blatant handball in history and then (unlike Henchoz in Cardiff) covers his face in a sly attempt to pretend that’s where it hit him – but nobody remembers and nobody cares because we won.

I suppose I could just write “we don’t care what you all think” and have done with Authentic Prada Handbag Uk it, making the first two paragraphs superfluous – but we DO care, that’s the whole point. When Johan Cruyff says your team is horrible, you sit up and take notice.

It is the one unnerving thing about Houllier (well, apart from those eyes) – does he actually like the game of football, or is he just a results man, a winner? Cruyff was unfair: we can string three or more passes together, and we have played well on occasion. However, good passing football depends on movement and it was clear as day at the Millennium Stadium that Liverpool are grinding to a halt. It’s been a long, long season – 20 games longer than the last – and our style of play has been more pragmatic and functional the more cup success we’ve had.

Houllier also gets scarred Black Prada Bag Mission Impossible by exciting football: Leeds 4 Liverpool 3 was one of the best games of the season, but we lost. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 2 was also fantastic, but we possibly blew our Champions League place. Such results are usually the cue for Gerard to send the lads back into the trenches, hence the 75 minutes of tedium at Cardiff.

But we’ve had the other side in the last ten years and most supporters found it wanting. The unfairly maligned Evans era saw us play some fantastic stuff – Cruyff would have loved us then – but Are All Prada Handbags Leather we didn’t win anything. I’m 42, and I saw all the success, so I’m more inclined to say “entertain me” than “win at any cost”. But that’s easy for me to say. When you’re young and you’ve been sold on the whole Anfield ethos (second is nowhere, winning’s the only thing, the most successful club in England, etc, etc) “entertainment” can go fornicate itself and Houllier is to be worshipped beyond measure. How ironic that Liverpool beat Arsenal by throwing on all the forwards and going gung-ho. We have the talent to tear teams apart, but often we’ve wasted it.

But if Amazon Uk Prada Bags you’re talking about spirit, I defy anyone to name a team better than ours. It’s been seen countless times this season, and it could be the foundation for a glorious future. When Evans started his first full season, his midfield was McManaman-Redknapp-Molby-Barnes. We beat Palace 6-1, but in games we had to dig in not one of them had a spade. It was an exciting but frustrating time. Houllier has done it the Shankly Way: we were just as boring in 1971 at Wembley as we were in Cardiff. The cups are a fabulous bonus, but Authentic Prada Handbags Uk no-one is being kidded and we know there is still plenty to do.

For now, we’re having a great time in a truly unique season. We’ve all summer to worry about the future.