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Prada Store Locator In London Ttskm

Prada Store Locator In London Ttskm

For Terry and Wenger, the Champions League quest is personal

If there was a moment last summer when John Terry felt like he could not face getting back on the horse (and it would have been understandable) then he might have found solace from a slice of Bayern Munich folklore passed on from Michael Ballack.

Ten years ago, Bayern lost the Champions League final to Manchester United in a manner even more harrowing than Chelsea’s penalty shoot-out tumble Authentic Prada Outlet Online Uk last May in Moscow. The German club did not need to wait an eternity to experience their catharsis. When they reached another Authentic Prada Bags Uk final, against Valencia two seasons later, their volcanic determination helped them win the prize. Nobody summed that up better than Oliver Kahn, who zoned himself into an Best Prada Outlet In Florence I-am-invincible trance before the penalty shoot-out. In the end, what went around came around for Bayern, and it felt wonderful.

Neither Chelsea nor the other semi-finalists need extra motivation at this tantalising stage of the competition. But everyone at Amazon Uk Prada Bags Stamford Bridge appreciates how powerful the impetus to earn some kind of payback Best Prada Outlet In Italy for a perceived wrong can be. Terry’s range of facial expressions on the sidelines, as he watched the mayhem of this week’s 4C4 against Liverpool unfold, told that story well enough.

The four remaining contenders all have completely different impulses propelling them towards Rome. For United, as defending champions, it is all about the desire to add to the legend by retaining the trophy C something no team has managed since Arrigo Sacchi’s AC Milan almost two decades ago. Let’s not forget the Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shop Online tournament was a completely different animal back then, a straight knock-out that involved nine matches from start to finish. For the record, four of those games en route to Milan’s successful defence in 1990 were against the champions of Finland (HJK Helskinki) and Belgium (Mechelen). It took five tough matches to win it.

For Barcelona, as recent winners themselves Authentic Prada Shoes Sale who don’t have the desperation of Chelsea or Arsenal, it is more about conclusive proof for themselves and the rest of the world that they are the bees knees of football right now. There is also the small matter of catching up on Real Madrid’s total of nine European Cups. If Barca do triumph, they will still be only a third of the way towards the benchmark their foes remind them of Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada E Shop as often as possible.

Arsenal are happily playing the role of plucky Biggest Prada Outlet In Italy outsiders. For the vast majority of the current squad, this European odyssey has pumped up their self-esteem. In a sense they should feel the least pressure. But one man from north London needs his catharsis perhaps even more than Terry does or Kahn did. Somewhere at home, perhaps in the back of the sock drawer or hidden behind some more meaningful trinkets, Arsne Wenger has runners-up medals from each of the three traditional European competitions. For all his successes, can you imagine a more severe memento of a life in coaching than that?

With slightly different quirks of fortune in his three finals, Arsenal’s manager might have been able to share the pedestal upon which Giovanni Trapattoni and Udo Lattek leapt, courtesy of that rare European hat-trick.

Instead he has been heartbroken, first when a Monaco team spearheaded by George Weah lost the 1992 Cup Winners’ Cup final to Werder Bremen, then when the Arsenal of Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp lost a miserable Uefa Cup final to Galatasaray Black Prada Bag With Gold Hardware on penalties in 2000, and most recently in the 2006 Champions League, when Thierry Henry and company (minus the dismissed Jens Lehmann for most of the match) led Barcelona until faltering late on.

These semi-finals are flavoured by four very different dynamics. So who wants it the most? Whose desire is strongest? And might that make an all-important difference when these excellent teams rendezvous in a couple of weeks’ time? Some of us round here are unashamedly counting down the days to find out.