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Prada Tessuto Messenger Yfzdq

Prada Tessuto Messenger Yfzdq

Southampton v Manchester City: squad sheets

Manchester City will be hoping to have made a significant dent in their cross-city rivals’ lead at the top of the Premier League by the end of this weekend. United have the distraction of the midweek Are Prada Nylon Bags Worth The Money meeting with Real Madrid and are Bicester Village Prada Opening likely to rest players, whereas City should be far stronger than in recent weeks, with Vincent Kompany and Yaya Tour decent bets to start Authentic Prada Gauffre against Southampton. Mauricio Pochettino has injury concerns over his full-backs but could hand Adam Lallana a first start since Authentic Prada Wallet For Sale Philippines December. James Callow

Venue St Mary’s, 5.30pm Saturday

Tickets 38-48 (02381 780780)

Last season N/A

Referee Martin Atkinson

This season’s matches 18 Y71, R1, 4.00 cards per game

Odds Southampton 5-1 Man City 4-6 Draw 16-5