Medianet Görsel Tanıtım | To create roadside places or development site
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To create roadside places or development site

To create roadside places or development site

The Parish is Lane’s newest no substitutions project, a bi level restaurant in that odd, wedge shaped building where Spring and Main streets meet downtown. You can sit on the open triangular terrace on the south end of the restaurant, gnawing on chicken wings and watching police cars and taxicabs screech from one one way street to the other it feels very much like New York’s Tribeca neighborhood circa 1985. You can trip up the narrow stairs to the second floor barroom, lighted by the dim, bare Edison bulbs all but mandatory in moody new bars, or crowd into what seems like a lunchroom by the kitchen downstairs, or sit at the long bar, supervised by John Coltharp, the maestro who presided over the earliest days of Seven Grand..

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